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Nanofiltration. (Topical Term)

Preferred form: Nanofiltration.
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Work cat.: Textile brine separation, 1999.

Lifestreamwater home page May 24, 2000 (Nanofiltration, a pressure driven membrane process with performance characteristics between reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration; very good rejection rates of large molecules; excellent energy savings process over reverse osmosis for purifying well water and surface water up to 2000 TDS where the high salt content is due to divalent ions; recovery rates can be up to 90%, and operating pressures around 70 psi; much lower percentage of sodium chloride is rejected)

Glossary in Water Quality Association home page May 24, 2000 (membrane treatment process which falls between reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration on the filtration/separation spectrum; can pass more water at lower pressure operations than reverse osmosis, can remove particles in the 300 to 1,000 molecular weight range such as humic acid and organic color bodies present in water, and can reject selected (typically polyvalent) salts)

Engineering index annual 1997, 1998 (hdgs., Nanofiltration, Nanofiltration technology)


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