Intellectual property means everything produced by human thought including inventions, artistic creations, and other products of the human mind.

The UofCanada library applies rules to protect intellectual property rights following Law No. 82 of 2002, which are

  • If you will use any work, the right of the authors should be preserved by showing his name and publisher, publishing date.
  • It is prohibited to copy more than 10 % of the work at one time if it is using for teaching or scientific research.
  • The use of counterfeit copies of the computer program is prohibited.
  • It is prohibited to place any copied books on the library shelves except to preserve the original copy.
  • When using a picture, a graphic, or other from work, the copyright must be kept by placing the name and publishing data under the picture or graphic.

Exclusive rights of the author

  • Reduce the work
  • Performance
  • Display Derivative works
  • Display
  • Distribute the work

Has copyright protection

  • Software
  • Books/journals
  • Artistic works/manuscripts
  • Architecture plans
  • Musical files and records

Doesn't have protection

  • Facts
  • Ideas
  • Titles (should be trademark)
  • Invitations/Methods of operations (should be patent)

Copyright exceptions

You can do the below points; these are not under copyright:

  • Showing an entire copy of films, you borrowed from the library.
  • Showing copyrighted images during the class and using them in a PowerPoint display.
  • Distributing chapters out of a book to your class that you photocopied.
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