Donation Policy

The UofCanada Library accepts in-kind gifts which can enhance the collections and support the syllabuses and research of the University, but in the beginning, all gifts must meet the guidelines of the library’s collection policies.

The library handles gifted materials according to guidelines explained within this policy statement:

  • Popular works, either books or journals, are accepted as donations for leisure reading on a limited basis and as space allows. Such journal titles are neither cataloged nor bound, and they are not kept for longer than one year.

  • In order that library materials may be organized for effective use, donations will be added to the general collection.

  • Accepting physical item gifts, such as books and other materials according to the next policy:

  • 1. Collection Needs: acceptance for both the present and the future needs of gifted materials.

  • 2. Format: appropriate to the collection, generally, the library does not collect copied materials, just the original copies.

  • 3. Language: Materials in English, French, Arabic is presently collected, occasionally other language materials are accepted.

  • 4. In general, materials with imprint dates older than (10) years will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and maybe only be accepted if of value for the purpose of teaching.

  • The library will accept gifts of materials with the understanding that they then become the property of the university library and decisions concerning retention, cataloging, and location will be made by library personnel in accordance with the collection development policy statement.

  • The library will not accept the titles excessively duplicating existing library collections, in addition to the items published being older than 20 years.

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