Vision and Objective

The library is to acquire, organize, preserve, maintain, and provide access to existing knowledge and information in various formats in the most efficient and effective ways possible to support the faculties curriculum; to assist in the development of a collection of learning resources, and to provide the best library services possible for the users. The overall mission of the library is to support the University's mission of assisting people in acquiring the skills, knowledge, and understanding necessary for critical and creative thinking, the library would do that by building and preserving collections that primarily support the learning, teaching, and research needs of the University by providing access to information in an effective and timely manner.

Also, the library objectives:

  • To increase access to library information, materials, and expertise in ways that are appropriate to meet the present and future information needs.

  • To support and promote current and anticipated research and teaching at the university through the library’s function as a repository of recorded information and knowledge and cultural treasures.

  • To affirm the role of the library as a partner with academic departments in the pursuit of knowledge and of the University's educational goals.

  • To ensure that decisions made in the library are informed by the interests of the user community.

  • To promote the concept that learning to use information and knowledge resources is a significant part of university education.

  • To promote wide reading habits among the student population, and to support the concept of education for life.

  • To promote the services offered, educate readers in the use of the library’s resources and services, and encourage responsibility in the use of such resources.
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Undergraduate Students 4 books
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