Borrowing Policies, Loan Periods, and Fines

  • To borrow you need first to make an account at the library

  • Do not take a book outside the library before all borrowing steps are done at the librarian's desk

  • Any books would be taken out of Library must be returned to the Librarian without overdue days by the users

  • Any books that are taken out of Library are available to renew according to cases

  • You can renew the borrowing time just for 3 more times

  • Any delay in returning a book will lead you to a penalty 10 LE. Per day

  • Any damages to the book will be dealt according to its status and might lead to the full payment if it is totally ruined

  • Any loss of a book will lead to paying its full current price + a penalty fee of 50 % of the book price

  • All books issued on loan must be returned to the library 10 days before the commencement of annual stock-verification

  • Users shall behave properly in the reading room; fetch no more than two books each time

  • Don't return books to their former locations after use, just leave them on tables

  • The librarian could prevent a student from the borrowing privileges if he misbehaved

  • No lending to the following items:

  • "NB" labeled Books
  • "References" like dictionaries and encyclopedias
  • Journals
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